Friday, April 9, 2010

Sliding up and down

For the most part recently I've been fighting a pretty severe depression phase, and then during a change in medicine, I've been riding a manic phase. Wheeeee! The manic phase wouldn't be so bad if I could keep myself from buying yarn while I'm in it. I'm afraid I visited ebay and Knit Picks and came away a bit poorer.

On a slightly more positive note I've been working on Mom's sweater. If I don't have it done before her birthday, I'll give it to her for Mother's day, I'll just wait and see how it goes. I like the Lily of the Valley stitch pattern I'm using instead of the one the pattern called for, much prettier.

I'm starting work on the helmet liners for the troops that I had worked on in the past. A KAL was started in one of my Ravelry groups so I thought I'd join in.

I'm also getting ready to cast on a blanket for the living room with some Lion Brand Woolspun I have, should be very soft and warm. So much knitting, I'd better get back to it!

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