Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Way down at the bottom of the hole

I'm having trouble getting motivated these past few days. Between the Rheumatoid Arthritis (pain in the shoulders, fingers, wrists, etc, etc ), the ileo-sacral joint pain, the abdominal pain (from all the surgeries and scar tissue), the depression is steadily getting worse. I know I'm in a bad place when I can't even get up the energy to check out my Ravelry groups! I did manage to leave the house long enough to vote yesterday, (and buy some chocolate!). I think the meds for the depression and the RA need increased, if I could only manage to make the phone calls it might even happen. I couldn't even bring myself to answer the phone most of yesterday. I'm hoping today is better. At least I know my cat Opie loves me. He's sitting here beside me head butting my arm. Of course he could just be trying to let me know the food dish needs attention. I'm trying not to be whiney. There are many, many others who are much worse off than I. But sometimes it's just so hard to see any light here at the bottom of the hole.

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