Friday, October 16, 2009

Working On Presents

I've been working on presents non-stop, for what seems forever. I love making presents for others, especially my family, and with my budget being what it is, I try to make everything I can. I managed to get a sweater made for my niece in time for her birthday. Kind of amazing for me to manage to get something done on time! So yeah! (See the pictures) I'm also working on Christmas presents. My plan is to get all the presents done before December 15th. Not even sure that's possible, but I figure it's worth a try! Last year I was frantically trying to finish presents on Christmas Eve. I really don't want to do that again. Awful. We exchanged names this year, so we have four presents to give from my family. I've finished the scarf my son is giving my brother, so that's one down. (See picture.) I don't think I can come up with something knitted to give my 14 year old nephew, teenagers, at least boys, don't really enjoy hand knitted things as presents. So for him we'll need to come up with something else. Then there's my Dad, who owns everything! He's always a hard one to get a present for. I'm thinking a pair of comfy, wear around the house, and maybe to bed on a cold night socks. I've also got a present for my sister-in-law to make, she's another one who's tough to give a present to. I'm thinking a pair of the comfy socks might just be a winner for her, also. I'm pretty sure it's something she doesn't have and it's something she might actually wear. So now all I've got to do is get all these things made (ha-ha). I'm getting faster, but I'm still not what anyone would consider fast. Oh well, I'll just have to work as fast as I can! I've got to get all this stuff finished so I can start some of the projects I've been wanting to do for myself. So, knit faster, knit faster!

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