Friday, March 12, 2010

Trying a New Direction

Life can be (and often is) pretty miserable when you have not only chronic pain, but also Rheumatoid Arthritis. When you add the joys of bipolar and depression, it gets close to unbearable. I've been struggling along, trying just to survive, and honestly I'm pretty sick of it. So I'm making an effort to change some things in my life. I can't change my diagnosis and what they, to say nothing of the side effects of the numerous meds I take. But I can make an effort to change some of my responses to my bipolar. So instead of constantly hiding in my house in my old, pink fuzzy robe, I've volunteered to help at a place in my town called "That Place on Market". It's a non-profit shop that makes and sells or gives away hand made items that are sewn, knitted or crocheted. They also have lots of fabric, yarns and supplies for other needle crafts that are for sale. I'm still amazed by the lovely little dresses, hats, mittens, etc that's in the shop, just beautiful! There's always something to do, for the last couple times I've been there I've been organizing the yarn. I can assure you there is a wide variety of yarns to be had! This is the address for the shop if you are interested. The website is still being developed, but the basic info is there. Just getting out and seeing real people has already helped my mood. I'm still having some very bad days, the the RA has been especially recently. At least while I'm volunteering it helps me to ignore some of the pain. Amazing what the mind can do if you let it!

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